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My story began in the rural villages of Bac Giang, Vietnam. At just seven months old, I was welcomed into a family whose love transcended bloodlines—a family united by hope and unwavering resilience.

One of the most profound moments of my life was meeting my biological mother for the first time in 2013. After fifteen years, I remember vividly standing in a humble village, locking eyes with the woman who had made the ultimate sacrifice for me in 1998. In that silent exchange, we shared a bond forged by gratitude—the sacrifice she made to offer me a chance at a brighter future.

Returning to Vietnam in 2013 was a pivotal moment in my journey. Reconnecting with my biological family offered a glimpse into the path not taken—the life I might have lived. Standing on the soil that shaped my earliest days, I felt a profound sense of gratitude for the twists and turns that led me to where I am today.

What Adoption Has Taught Me

Family in Diversity: Adoption has helped me understand that family comes in all shapes and sizes, each radiating with love and support.

Gratitude for Opportunity: Every opportunity I’ve been afforded is thanks to the sacrifices made on my behalf. I am endlessly grateful for the life I lead—a life adorned with love, education, and boundless opportunities.

Paying It Forward: I aspire to extend a loving home to a child in need through adoption one day.
For me, adoption isn’t merely a chapter in my story—it’s a heartfelt beacon of hope for anyone yearning to find their place in the world.

As I continue to navigate life day by day, I’ll forever be grateful for the sacrifice my biological mother made to give me up for adoption, and the love and support I’ve been given to live life to the fullest.

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