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Churros, Chocolate, and Cherished Moments: A Tale of Mother-Daughter Bonding in Spain

hi, i'm emma
Moscato D'Asti sipper, morning gym junkie, and a gal who learned to dance before walking.
I capture timeless stories in the form of authentic, gorgeous photos.
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Hola mis, amigos! Picture this: January 2024, and guess who’s off on a Spain getaway? Me and my Mom! Our first international mother-daughter trip was an absolute blast! From our shopping spree in Madrid (hello, Salsa Jeans obsession!) to Seville’s flamenco beats and THE BEST churros in Granada at Churrería Alhambra Cafeteria, we soaked up every moment.

But hey, no need for me to keep rambling – you know what they say, a picture’s worth a thousand words, right? And trust me, ours have stories to tell! So, who’s ready to embark on a Spanish adventure? Let’s let the photos do the talking!

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